technically 10th (points are only deducted at the end of the season). capital earning irregularities for 62 fucking honestly surprised we werent caught earlier. agnelli is gone but left his footsteps behind. this is absolutely shit. this isnt the utouchable club i started supporting years ago. no. this isnt allegris journey to succes, its allegris journey to conference league football. this is no club like 2010-2017 juve bro. this is shitty financial irregularities. i thought that shit was no longer cool after 2006. honestly without good lawyers we couldve been playing serie b football next year. hopefully the appeal takes it back to 9 (starting option). also even more financial fucking ronaldo is suing us for "unpaid wages" when bro got higuains weekly wage in a day. fucking hell. i cant even fucking believe this. today ill cry myself to sleep and probably will for the next few days as well. its just shameful that 36 time scudetto lifters and bologna are equal on points
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