Since Ronaldo's contract with Manchester United was officially terminated 2 days ago, CR7 has become the 2nd ever player to captain a national team as a free agent and the only player without a club at this year's edition of the World Cup. The only captain prior to CR7 to hold that distinction was Bruce Wilson, the captain of Canada in the 1986 World Cup who was one of the 4 players without a club (all of whom were from Canada). The difference between Ronaldo and Wilson is that the Canadian captain left the North American side; Toronto Blizzard after NASL (the one that had Pele for 2 seasons) folded and spent the following 2 years playing almost exclusively for the Canadian national team. Ronaldo is a completely different story since there appear to be more options in England and Portugal today than in North America in the 1980s after NASL collapsed.
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