shithousing against a team ~40 positions lower than you according to fifa? nah the federation has to do something about it, their star team is making them look bad with this vouch. embarassing refereeing performance aswell, we were poor at finishing but the ref was taking the side of the team that should not need this much help. and courtois, what did you gain from saving that penalty? you already won the champions league with that performance, stop trying so hard, geek. first you steal de bruyne's girlfriend now you're stealing our hopes and dreams, shame on you. jonathan david turned into a chelsea striker tonight wtf was that. de bruyne turned into his chelsea form aswell thank the lord. batshuayi statpadding with that goal to cover up that disasterclass, was pocketed by miller. roberto martinez bin laden taking out his underperfoming golden generation on us? i hate you, can't actually win silverware and now you're playing terroristball against us, wtf did we do to you
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