i know it'll be very difficult and controversial to change such a big part of football but i think it'll elevate the game so much. added time is way too subjective currently and can backfire if referees mess up. with this new rule of extended additional time, it kind of waters down the importance of goals near the 90th minute, as there will be an additional 5-15 mins added afterward anyway. i feel like last minute goals will be so much more fun if it was against a stopclock instead of the constantly changing times. buzzerbeater goals would be so fun to see. change the clock to 60 mins (as statistically that is how long the ball is in play during an average game) and stop it whenever there is timewasting, subs, or injuries. this will take the power away from bad additional minute calls and referees ending the game too early/late. it will also be a more objective call for additional minutes, as opposed to someone giving a random amount of minutes at the end of each half.
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