Horrible writing, horrible directing, horrible action scenes, horrible performances, horrible casting, horrible editing, horrible soundtrack, horrible cinematography, no redeeming qualities. This show adds nothing of value to any of the characters' stories beyond more retcons and plot holes, like why does Leia clearly not give a shit when Obi-Wan dies? How does Luke being hunted down at 10 years old not effect his character in any way? Why do 2 characters survive being stabbed by a lightsaber? How does a man who could barely use the force a couple episodes ago manage to defeat one of the strongest force-users ever? Every episode is riddled with even more stupid plot holes and horrible bait and switches. The entire show is nothing more than pointless nostalgia baiting, which only retreads plot points from Revenge of the Sith and retcons George Lucas' movies. Legitimately the single worst thing to come out of Star Wars, somehow even worse than the Last Jedi and the Rise of Skywalker
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