When information is intentionally derisive, dismissive, or misleading in journalism or personal opinion, biases will rear their head. One way to tell you're not getting accurate information or the person you are speaking to refuses to change their position regardless of logic is looking for doublethink. This dichotomy of thought comes from Orwell's 1984 and is still startlingly common if you look for it. I can think of two examples I've seen recently. The first example is a general mistrust of immigrants common in some, something that is bolstered by the media to a concerning level. Those idiots may say 'immigrants are feckless layabouts who eat our welfare and contribute nothing to society.' They will also say 'immigrants are going to take our jobs!' If they're as lazy as you say, this cannot be true, but if they're both true statements, you admitted they're still better than you. Another example is 'Pogba is awful because he often fails to show up.' But when he does... 1/2
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