I think that everyone got into a situation where someone questioned you about your favourite artist or song. A person usually can tell is something is bad, but you can't say that for everything objectively. I used to get ashamed in front of my old friends when I used to play my preferred music. You might say now that I'm too generic because I mainly listen to mainstream rap, but it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate other genres. Especially now in the social media days it's hard to form an opinion without being bombarded with stans replies. For example I like a ton of rappers that are considered "corny", but in the end I will listen to what I want. Nowadays it's easy hating on specific artists. The music I make in my free time isn't anything serious but I always struggled releasing it to the public because they will always have something to criticize about it. I might not be the most original, but I have fun making it. Everyone has haters, just focus on the fans.
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