Sup lads, it's time for another Lemme Know. Feeling good tonight so why not ask some questions. Anyway, today's theme is birthdays. So, lemme know ... what do you think about birthdays? Do you like celebrating your own birthday? Do you like celebrating other people's birthdays (are you generally speaking more happy for theirs or your own)? Have you ever had a birthday party (if so, did you have to prepare or no or was it a surprise party)? Do you get blown up with notifications on your birthday? What was the best present you've received on your birthday? What was the best present you've given to someone for theirs? Have you ever had a all night birthday celebration? What was the best thing to happen to you on your or your friend's birthday (what happened that really stuck with you and you'll remember)? **BONUS QUESTION (unrelated with the topic)** Can you give me a piece of advice on anything (literally anything, I just want a piece of advice from you)? Cheers lads, have a good one.
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