Big shoutout to Justinmoin because as of yesterday he cured Cancer, AIDS, COVID-19 and Ebola to name a few. I remember when he was just a boy he told me "papa, I'm going to cure all the diseases in the world so the world will be happy" and just like any good father, I never believed in him. Until now. Coming back into his life like he was the first overall NBA draft pick was the easiest decision of my life. I now have fame, fortune, bitches (thank you justinmoin for teaching me how to reupholster pussy) oh ya, and not to mention I have a son again, but I figured I'd list off my priorities first. I'd also like to bring awareness to a very big issue that is very close to my heart. It is a damn shame nowadays that a father is to be expected to be present for at least 18 years of their childs life. I for one, did not conform with this social norm and just skipped right to the good part of his life (and mine). Please send money to my GoFundMe to help pay my outstanding child support bills.
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