Sup lads, back in it again with the Lemme Know series. I honestly have no clue how often I'll be making these but I do actually care about your answers so I'd rather come up with some good questions than just make these for the sake of making them. So, lemme know ... What do you think about exercising? How often do you exercise? How important is exercising to you? What is your favourite way of exercising? Do you have a gym membership (if not, would you ever consider getting one)? What is something that you can be proud of in terms of exercising (for instance benching as many kilos or running 5km in as much time or scoring a great goal - a nice achievement basically)? How have you kept yourself in shape during lockdown, has it prevented you from doing what you normally would and how have you adapted to it? If you're losing or gaining weight, what are your goals and when do you want to achieve them until? Make sure you have fun when exercising. Cheers lads.
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