Bayern appreciation post Won the treble Won every single UCL match, never been done before Wrote history against Barcelona, most categorical win in UCL history Beat huge clubs on their way to the trophy: Spurs Chelsea, PSG and an in-form Lyon. Currently on a 21 win streak across all competitions, European record is 22. Beat the record for most goals in a single UCL season: 43 goals in 11matches, averaging 3.9goals per match compared to Real Madrid's old record of 3.1 goals per match. Strong defensively: in the UCL, Bayern has conceded only 8 goals (as many as Barcelona in one match lol) in 11 matches and managed to keep a clean sheet in the semifinal and the final. In the league, Bayern managed to come back from 7th place to win the title. Lewandowski scored 15goals in 10 UCL matches, 1.5goals per match compared to Ronaldo's best season when he averaged 1.3 goals per match. Lewandowski and Gnabry form the deadliest duo in UCL history, netting 24 goals in 10 matches played.
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