It is true that Ronaldo's jump is high, but it is nowhere near elite status. Of course average people cannot jump as high as him; he's a professional football player. The main argument that Ronaldo's jump is incredible is the fact that it is higher than the average NBA player by around 7cm, but this is why that argument is dreadful. Note the word "average" in "average NBA basketball player". NBA heights range from around 180cm to 220cm, with many players being massive centers who barely can get off the floor. Furthermore, many NBA players are 30 year old vets who also lower down the average. The NBA contains players that jump either extremely high or extremely low. The highest, most elite NBA jumps are over 100cm and some being over 110cm, which make Ronaldo's jump look pathetic. Nevertheless, Ronaldo's jump is still extremely impressive considering his age as well.
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