Oh wow, i haven’t been regularly on this place in a long time. So now, i’m just looking for some help and advice. Basically, i went through a breakup yesterday, and im incredibly depressed because i still have tremendous love for that girl. She was my life, and not in that creepy obsessive way. She always said she wanted attention from me, and i always gave it to her and prioritized her well-being and happiness over mine. And i genuinely believe the reason she broke up with me is so stupid, and she kept doing these awful things to hurt me and to make things worse between us. It lasted for 1.5 years, and i’ve known her for at least 2.5. Now here’s where i need help. I have so many pictures of her, and of us together - and i dont know what to do. They look so beautiful and they make me cry. They spark my love and remind me that i’d do anything for her. They have so many memories inside of them. What do i do with the pictures?
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