FHJ finally decided to talk to me about it. He said the reason he'd been avoiding me was because if he told me I'd "poison the water" by telling everyone and "rile everybody up" To quote him on the reason: "At the time it appeared justified, but we were wrong. Sadly, unbanning accounts is nigh impossible since the gdpr purge. So we are letting you keep your new account." So yeah, just like that, I lost my account for fucking nothing. Can't tell if it's funny in a sad way or sad in a funny way. Oh and he told me not to make a thread about this so don't be surprised if this gets taken down like my previous thread. But hey, mods never take down threads that make them look bad, right? As I'd said before I was only really sticking around here to learn the full story and now that I have I'll probably be even less active. Thanks to everyone who gave even the slightest shit about all this, never thought even a single person would
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