I am deleting my Futhead account because I regret what I have said to some people and what I could potentially do to offend people. I am sorry 101Fifamaster101 for mistreating you, thank you RONaldo_DMC, SS22, GabriPonte, GodlyJozo, Danilo, Chong, Kanesy, Mertesacker, Catsu, Lewangolski, A_N00B, Jaco, Goldrank, Mattyman, Tentacles, KylianMbappe10, MbappeFrappe, 101Fifamaster101, BigboyThompson, and many I forgot to list. You have lead me to a fun experience on this website and I will maybe someday return if there is a large update or something to make this site not just about FUT 20 Cards and stats and Talk, but possibly include career mode. If you still want to talk to me, my Discord username is Rolandhinio#0016. This account will be gone in about 24 hours and I will talk to anyone on this thread about anything, but apart from that, goodbye.
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