So a group of kids get mad because a 39 year old is in Futhead. Shouldn't you be worrying about other things at your age? Like getting good grades to get into a good college and make your daddy proud? Thank D10S I am already past that... And a little kid from a country called "Oman" says that my girlfriend left me HAHA. We've been together for 7 years, 10 months now. Both of us don't want kids. One of those reasons is exactly because of the things I find on this site. Kids nowadays focus more on getting Karma on Futhead rather than playing real football, going out to meet girls, and making an effort in school. I was doing that at your age. Actually people like me should come to this website and talk about the sport. Go out, live your life. I already did that. A lot of replies on the last thread and that's awesome but you still don't answer my question... How old are the guys who founded Futhead? Are they 17? No, they're probably 30+ so yeah that also makes their lives sad I guess.
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