I know that Alisson is very good, but labeling him as the best GK in the world? I find it really hard to digest. Imo, when you rate a player, that should be just based on his abilities. Ability wise, I don't find him nowhere near top 3 in the world. Oblak, Ter Stegen, DDG, Neuer are clearly better GKs imo, consistently making 'impossible' saves past years, while I struggle to find him doing anything that shows him having comparable goalkeeping skills to them. Yes, he provided security and composure to the Liverpool backline, but that's just because he is a big upgrade to Liverpool's past GKs. Even his distribution I find it overrated, Stegen, Neuer and Ederson are way better passers and less error prone. Numbers (i.e. clean sheets) and trophies don't always show the real abilities of a player, you should watch him play to see the real contribution. That's also kinda the case every year with Messi and the Ballon d'Or
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