Okay, so, basically, I really like this girl (the same one that rejected me at prom a couple years ago) and I really want to ask her to hang out with me, but, I’m like honestly extremely scared and doubtful. We are moving away to different colleges like four hours away (she’s going to the same college that my parents went to and that is how they met ((cOiNcIdEnCe)) ) in a couple months, and I really just don’t want to leave just as awkward friends. A few days ago, us and a few others were at a lake house and she was really funny and we talked just a little bit, but I want to continue it. I’m really torn though. I know this isn’t the best people to ask, but it is the easiest people to ask. If you guys think that it is a good idea, I will ask a couple of my friends that know her if I should and then make my decision. So, what should I do?
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