Genuinely can’t believe how underwhelming it’s been so far. I think the SBC last night summed it up for me 80-90k to get Onama who is a weekly objective. Just don’t understand why’d they’d have him in the guaranteed packs? Aside from that tho the SBC for players has just been terrible. McGeady and Odegaard just totally unuseable pointless irrelevant cards. And then you could argue Sissoko isn’t a bad card but tbh he doesn’t get into the majority of squads now a days. But I suppose 120k for him and a couple of packs isn’t that bad but just nothing to get excited about. Then even the weekly objectives. I understand their free and basically sbc fodder but I’d just rather have better cards for more difficult challenges. Got all 3 cards in under 10 games and less than 2 hours Friday night. And now nothing to play for again. Hoping for better this Friday with it being PL tots but even by EA low standards this has been poor so far. What are your thoughts?
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