First of all, I personally don't sing our version of allez allez allez since I find it unoriginal, don't understand why we sing it when we don't play Liverpool and it is a bit edgey. To be truthful with you, I fell embarrassed by our players singing it when they're supposed to be role models. I won't be defending the chant, I'll be explaining it. Bargefc made the thread last night saying it's about Sean Cox, which it isn't. The "battered in the streets" part refers to Liverpool fans getting attacked by hooligans in Kiev. No, that doesn't make the chant any better but the chant has been too misinterpreted. The chant is only about the final and the Sean Cox incident was in the semi finals. Liverpool fans, I apologise for our players doing this but stop misinterpreting it to be talking about Sean Cox or Hillsborough since there is no mention of that anywhere.
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