I CAN'T BELIEVE IT I WAS ACTUALLY ON THE GROUND CRYING WHEN AGUERO SCORED!!! I was actually tearing up so badly. My chest was hurting a bit and I was imaging the "Bottleham" and the 61 and no more chants for the next twenty years. Man I was really against VAR during the World Cup but it literally kept our dreams alive!!! When I heard that the goal was disallowed I got up and starting running around yelling. The police are probably coming thinking someones being murdered but I don't care. I can barely type right now as I'm overflowed with emotion right now. I was really close to f*cking bawl when I heard the referee disallow the goal. I remember a kid saying "Why do you go for Tottenham? They haven't won the league in 50 years" by a Chelsea fan. CHELSEA. The club that's in the Europa League now. I know Manchester Sh*tty fans aren't that bothered because of their treble win but that's okay. This is what being a loyal fan gets you kids. I need to stop because I'm doing to have a stroke
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