I want to switch to a better club because when we lose a match, everybody talks shit and there is so much stress that I can't focus on sleeping and being alive but I don't want to be a glory hunter I want to support a club like bottlepool or Man shitty (depends who wins the title) because there is no pressure as we win evry gam. but i want to stay loyal as well. Man Utd will always have a place in my heart (mainly when we win). It feels like I get bullied either way for supporting a 6th side out of champs league, league and fa cup and also having shit form, yet still get called a glory hunter by those plastic fuccs who support man shitty.People on this website hate Man Utd alot so when I say something truthfully like Alexis Sanchez is top 20 in the world or Pogba should winn a ballon dor they downvote me which makes me think my opinion is wrong (even tho it fucking isn't). Someone made a thread sayin ole is bad and that has lead me to say stuff like "Salah is good" cuz im losing faith
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