Today I decided to let someone win my last game in WL because I didn't need win because I couldn't rank up so I played with my full silver squad. Then my opponent's squad appeared and he had full squad of Serie A special cards (cca. 2 mil. coins). And when I saw he really sucks I decided I will play for real and not let him win. And I won 3-2 AET. But the true shock was after the game. Under his squad it said est. 2012. SO YOU PLAY FIFA FOR 7 YEARS AND GET TRASHED BY SILVER SQUAD (19 shoots, not 3 counter attacks if you thought that + better possesion) And yeah I named my squad "I let you win". Obviously he's coin buyer and he couldn't earn that much for his squad because he's bad, he's really bad. I mean what's the point of wasting your real money on the game you suck on?
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