The search for a new co-host has begun. Dutchbeast leaked a bit of info before committing game end himself. This is how it will go. Ten Users will advance to the voting stage. Five of the users will be ones that I personally shortlisted, users that I would enjoy and feel comfortable being a co-host with me, but also users that I believe the majority of the community would agree with. The other five will be ones that you will nominate here. The top five upvoted ones will advance. Just a warning, if one of the top five users is one of the very few users that I do not like, then I will skip over them and choose the sixth most upvoted person. Also, if one of the users is one that I do not think would be a good co-host, I will say so. The five users that I have shortlisted and they have agreed are: Gabriponte22, Briandreuning, ElChris04, Saintsman, and _HOTGUY_. You can self-nominate yourself, but you also should vote for users who you think would make a good co-host
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