Mods. I've never had any issue with Futhead ever. No history of misconduct. No history of intending harm against our community or it's moderators. As part of the community, I, and some other users, have created a subreddit for users of the community to be a part of. And by trying to get more users, I created a playable squad and had rightfully advertised it without breaking any rules, and there I gave my reason for supporting the reddit and also advertised joining it. None of this is documented as misconduct anywhere on this site. I purposefully checked to make sure I was doing nothing unorderly before doing this. In return, my squad was taken down without any warning or reason. We, as a community, have just one question. Why? We just want answers to our questions and reasons behind some of the questionable actions that have happened recently. I have respect for the moderation team and know a lot's happened lately, but just keep the community in the loop, we have the right to know.
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