Little thing I wanted to do after I saw this, direct copy-paste from NathanNLW So I came across an article that described how EA supposedly calculate player's pace, and it seems pretty accurate. It gave a formula which I simplified, and it comes out to: 5 * (29.6 - x) x = your 100m time My pace would come out to 85 and interestingly enough Usain Bolt's pace would be 100 (100.1 rounded to the nearest whole number). What would your Fifa pace be? P.S. this doesn't seem to work so well for players under 40 or 50 pace. For to work in the formula his 100m time would have to be 25.4 seconds which is basically a jog. But it's accurate for high pace players like Walcott (10.6 seconds, 95 Pace using the formula) and Bale (11.4 seconds, 91 Pace) for example.
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