The bandwagon against him everytime a harmless thread about him occurs is an embarrassment to the community as a whole. The only reason why he doesn't win most over-hated user each month is because so many people give him extreme harsh judgment on ONE OPINION. He is a quality guy all-round, but most of you don't know anything about him other than that he is a Muslim, and said that ONE comment. He is a real person, not just a walking Quran. Yes, I do disagree with his "famous" comment about punishing gays, but the thing is that it is you guys that are against him that brings the topic up. He does not post on threads, "HEY GUYS, GAYS SHOULD BE PUNISHED". It is always other people that bring it up, and force him to give his views, and if anything, it is those people that are harassing Palestino. You can't keep poking the stick at the bear, and then act shocked when it roars. The same thing here, you can't keep bringing up the subject, and expect him not to say what HIS OPINION IS.
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