Last season I hurt my back in the second practice (turned weird on the turf I guess) and this meant when I ran my back would have pain spasm through the lower half and I would automatically tighten my back. It made my running really awkward and physical therapy didn't help much. I had to miss my first game and multiple practices before I was able to play some. I got some time but most games I would have to come out due to not being able to run very much. (this was frustrating because normally I can run fast and often). At the end of the season (like 3 months later) I was playing in the tournament and at one point I had to pretty much just stand still on the pitch because my back hurt so much. I hobbled off and barely managed the rest of the games. It was so bad I had to hold my breath when I sat down in the car. Thankfully after a month or two of rest it stopped hurting but it was so frustrating to be so limited in my playing abilities.
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