Ok, round 2 and 64 games left. To vote, comment the game you prefer under each match (1v1 now). So, just want to clear up how i paired the matches before anyone can call me for match fixing. I had a note saved on my phone of the matches from the previous round in the order i posted them (ie not the oreder theyre in now) then i took the winner from the first group and paired it with the 2nd place from the last group. There was 32 groups so i cut a line at 16 and paired the 2nd place in group 1 with the winner of group 17, then kept trucking along on that pattern. New rule! I dont get a vote as i am clearly biased af for Pokemon games. I will make a tiebreak thread for any matches that are draws when i close voting. Things will be explained in that situation and it will be open for a shorter time. This is a very long intro, so get voting!!!
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