Seriously wondering if anyone else is getting unusually good pack luck lately. On Black Friday, I bought around $40 USD worth of Fifa Points, and my luck didn't exactly start out great as I opened a 125k pack and my best player was Perisic. My luck started to change after that however, as I opened up a Premium Gold Players Pack and got Pique, Leno, and Jesus in the same pack. I didn't open any more packs until Sunday, when I had 900 Fifa Points left over. I opened another Premium Gold Players Pack for 600 Fifa Points, in which I packed Courtois. I used the other 300 Fifa Points on a draft, and one of my rewards was a regular Premium Gold Pack. In that pack, which is probably the best 7.5k pack I have ever opened, I got Boateng. I did not make this to show off who I got or anything, it is actually a question, have any of you had unusually good pack luck lately, or was it just me?
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