• Predict the next TOTW for a chance to win IFs!

    With Futhead Picks, and thanks to our friends at EA, we're happy to offer a chance at your choice of IF from the TOTW! All you need to do is log in, select your predicted TOTW starting XI, and check back on Wednesday after the TOTW is released! It's that easy!

  • Active Predictions

    No Active Picks!

    Weekly TOTW Picks competitions will open Friday and be available through the following Monday (see Start and End Times below for specifics). Check back then!
  • Prizes!

    First Place

    Choice of 3 In Forms from that week's TOTW

    Second Place

    Choice of 2 In Forms from that week's TOTW

    Third Place

    Choice of 1 In Form from that week's TOTW
  • Rules and Scoring

    Start and End Times
    We'll start Futhead Picks on Friday, as soon as the link is live! The competition will end on Monday at 11:59p UK time / 7:59 EST / 4:59 PST. The leaderboards will be revealed and winners contacted shortly after TOTW is released. You can edit your predictions up until the end date, but not after!
    One prediction per user & positions don't matter!
    While the competition is open, you will only have the ability to edit one Prediction Squad. Also don't worry about guessing the correct positions - they don't matter.
    1 point for correct predictions, 0.5 points for bench / reserves
    If you predict a player that appear's in the starting XI of EA's TOTW, great - you get 1 point per! If you predict a player that misses out on the Starting XI but ends up on the bench or in the reserves, fear not! You'll still get 0.5 points.
    How are ties broken?
    When you save your prediction, we take note of the time. In the case of a tie, the user that submitted their prediction first will be awarded the tie-break.
    Three Winners - 3, 2, 1!
    We will have three weekly winners, the top performers for that week in predictions (ties broken as explained above). Each winner will have their choice of an IF Player from that week's TOTW:
    • 1st Place chooses 3 IFs!
    • 2nd Place chooses 2 IFs!
    • 3rd Place chooses 1 IFs!
    How will I be notified if I won?
    You'll be notified via email from an @futhead.com email address to your Futhead email on file. This email will ask for your platform (PC/PS3/PS4/XB1/360), your gamertag, and which player you would like. After that, EA will drop the player into your account (note: we don't have a timetable on that, but it should be within a day or two).
    What's this leaderboard for?
    Mostly for fun, but towards the end of FIFA 16, we'll give away a prize pack (Futhead Controller, swag and probably a copy of 17) to the top user on Futhead Picks!