You can vote for a 12th FIFA 19 TOTY player

We've come to expect the unexpected, and 30 minutes after FIFA 19's Team of the Year launched, we got a trademark twist we've grown accustomed to.

In a departure from all previous TOTY's, a 12th player -- effectively a reserve -- will be added to the full team on Friday, 11 January. The cool part is you get to help decide who it is.

Login to FIFA 19 (if you're already logged in, you may have to log out and log back in) anytime before Friday and you'll be granted a TOTY Fan's Choice player pick pack. Whichever of the five TOTY nominees you select, you'll both cast a vote for and receive that player for a one-game loan.

The nominees are some of the leading vote getters who didn't quite make the TOTY cut:

You can also vote online anytime between now and Friday.

Which 12th FIFA 19 Team of the Year player are you backing?

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