FUT 18's TOTY is here! Help us vote

UPDATE: Thanks to all who participated! The Futhead FIFA 18 TOTY ballot is officially cast.

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The hype is real.

After plenty of gossip, rumors, innuendo, and everything we’ve come to expect in the lead up to massive FIFA Ultimate Team events, it’s finally here. Breaking ranks with tradition, which had previously seen the FIFPro World XI released as the “Team of the Year”, with those awards moving to October, EA SPORTS’ FIFA team will be christening a TOTY of their very own -- and we’re making sure you have a say in it.

The EA SPORTS FIFA Team of the Year will be selected by a collective made up of community influencers, media, and professional athletes, as well as EA themselves. We want to make sure the community has a say in the process, so we're letting you choose who we vote for.

With voting closing this Thursday, January 11, let’s get right into it, shall we?

So how does TOTY work in FIFA 18?

55 players have been shortlisted. While similar, they’re not identical to the FIFPro World XI’s shortlist.

You can check out the full shortlist here, view Aaron and Darren’s predictions respectively, and starting at 7 p.m. UK time/2 p.m. ET time on January 8, cast your vote for the three attackers, three midfielders, four defensive players, and one goalkeeper who you think should make up the team. We’ll sum your votes up, add in our staff’s ballots, and announce our final vote here and on Twitter Thursday, January 11 after 7 p.m. UK time.

Cast your vote for Futhead's TOTY ballot here.

What time does the FIFA TOTY come out in packs?

The rest of the specifics aren’t 100% set in stone yet, but you should expect the first installment of Team of the Year players out beginning January 15. Based on previous years, two days will feature the attackers in packs, with one or two days a piece for the midfielders and defenders/goalkeeper to be available. That weekend, the whole squad will likely be in packs. We’ll update more as we have it.

Who votes in TOTY?

Well you, for starters. We’ll try and keep a running tab as well of all the community influencers, media representatives, and pro athletes making up the rest of the vote as well. Tweet us @Futhead if you see someone and we’ll add them as we learn about them:

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