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Jan Oblak - GK - OVR 91 Atletico Madrid are down in sixth position this season which could be a sign of how much they are missing Griezmann's goals. They have been built on defense for quite some time now and that aspect of their game is still fully intact. With just 21 goals conceded in their 27 matches they have the second best defensive record in the division and Oblak can take a lot of credit for that. The Slovenian makes crucial saves on a regular basis and commands his box like few others manage to do. I believe that Oblak is the best goalkeeper out there right now and perhaps if he was at another club or a different nationality we would have see several TOTY inclusions by now.


Daniel Carvajal - RB - OVR 85 With Carvajal only picking up one IF this season and the way EA decided to run the Community side this year I was surprised to not see Carvajal selected, especially with Trippier in there instead. The Spaniard is developing into one of the best RB's out there. Performing at the top level week in week out. He has managed to score once and pick up five assists, providing a real threat down the right hand side for Madrid.

Sergio Ramos - CB - OVR 89 For the first time since way back in FIFA 12 we failed to see Ramos pick up a place in TOTY. Which for me I still don't think should have been the case. Ramos is still a very influential player for Madrid and will go down in history as one of their best defenders in history. Despite his exclusion in TOTY we won't be seeing the same fate in the upcoming TOTSSF with Ramos having another strong year. Madrid's defensive record speaks for itself and with Ramos scoring five times on top of that you simply can't argue his inclusion to the side.

Raphael Varane - CB - OVR 85 Just like the Premier League TOTS is likely to be dominated by Liverpool when it comes to defence, I expect Real Madrid to dominate La Liga's. You can't argue with what they have achieved on that front this season and it shows just how much quality they possess in those positions, with world class players fulfilling each spot. Varane is another defender who is always there or there abouts for TOTY sides and I fully expect that to remain the case for next years edition. As for TOTS theres no real argument about his inclusion.

Reguilon - LB - OVR 80 Sitting in third position Sevilla have had a strong campaign which a lot can be attributed to their defensive side of the game with just 29 goals being conceded. Reguilon has been strong and both ends of the field helping towards the record already mentioned alongside scoring once and assisting four. On top of that there are a couple of strong indications that EA have noticed how well he has been performing. Firstly the winter upgrade he received and then the Community TOTSSF nomination. With him failing to make that side I am very confident that EA will go on to include him in this one.


Gerard Moreno - RM - OVR 81 Although Moreno's was significantly stronger in the first half of the season, which in turn saw him be awarded a headliner item by EA, I still expect him to make this side. The Spanish winger had a period from which he provided just one assist in an eight game period which saw him dropped from the side for a couple of matches. Since then he has bounced back and showed signs of his early form but overall with eleven goals and four assists he just realistically can not be ignored.

Toni Kroos - CM - OVR 88 Kroos is a player who often falls just outside TOTS on the voting system with the German perhaps not being as eye catching in terms of performances is other options but the job he does he does well. His overall reputation is one of the best around for his position and has been for quite some time now. Three goals and five assists are what he has to his name and although statistically others have done more I would be very surprised to see him excluded from this side.

Casemiro - CDM - OVR 87 I am unsure how the community TOTS item will influence EA's decsion on his spot in this side but going from previous seasons I would expect a re-release to occur. Casemiro has impressed for a few seasons now and is emerging as one of the greats for Madrid in the middle of the park. At just 27 years of age the Brazilian has now picked up his fourth straight TOTS item for the club which for his position is not an easy thing to do. As per usual his attacking stats are not what makes him with just three goals and two assists but instead his defensive side of the game, breaking up opposing attacks and allowing his side to have the freedom to excel.

Lionel Messi - RW - OVR 94 As per usual Messi has an amplitude of item designs this season with the inevitable TOTSSF item being the tenth item variation available for players to pick up. He gets the nod after another dominating season in La Liga from which he has managed 19 goals and 12 assists in just 21 fixtures. Stats which no other player manages to come remotely close to once again showing why he is on another level in comparison to others in the division.


Luis Suarez - ST - OVR 89 With ten matches still to play in Spain this prediction is difficult to make, especially on attackers with so many playing fewer than I would ideally want. With just seventeen matches under his belt Suarez is still third in the golden boot race and thus with EA officially changing it to TOTSSF I would expect the Uruguayan to make the cut despite the amount of matches played.

Karim Benzema - ST - OVR 87 Benzema rarely gets the acknowledgment he deserves with the Frenchman playing in the shadow of the likes of Ronaldo in the past but he still managed to regularly score and now that Ronaldo has left he perhaps get more love than he did before. He is still the same player though, doing what he does best which is scoring goals. He has managed an impressive 14 goals and 6 assists so far this campaign


Thibaut Courtois - GK - OVR 88 Onto another potential re-release now, once again coming from Real Madrid. I have already mentioned their astonishing defensive record this season and that simply isn't possible without a great keeper. EA could snub the Belgian due to his community inclusion but realistically he should be making this side.

Pique- CB - OVR 88 Don't worry this is the third and final re-released item I have selected in my side. Barcelona currently lead La Liga but outside of Messi and Suarez TOTS items look hard to come by and thus I expect either Pique or Busquets to be included. With the amount of potential midfielders I simply couldn't squeeze Busquets in which leaves us with Pique, who is a regular in these sides and thus I wouldn't overlook him being included once again.

Parejo - CM - OVR 86 Parejo is becoming a regular in these sides, looking set to pick up his third TOTS item in a row. Eight goals and three assists is what he has to his name this year and is a strong performer outside of his attacking contributions as shown by his three IF's already. Valencia have done well to hold onto Parejo for so long and now he looks set to finish his career with the side, still performing to a top standard.

Oyarzabal- LW - OVR 82 Prior to Community TOTSSF I was struggling with this position with both Oyarzabal and Portu being strong candidates for this side, however it was always unlikely that both would go on to feature. With Oyarzabal getting the nod from EA already I would expect that to be an indication that Oyarzabal is favoured to Portu and thus makes my decision easier. The Spaniard managed eight goals and six assists from LW which should be enough to sneak him in.

Lucas Ocampos - RW - OVR 77 The champions league race in Spain is a highly contested one with just two points separating third place to sixth. Sevilla currently lead that pack in third position which is largely down to their defensive record. There has to be someone scoring the goals up the other end though and in this case it's Ocampos who is doing most the damage. The Argentine has excelled for them scoring 10 goals and providing two assists from either wing this season.

Saul - CM - OVR 85 As covered multiple times in previous predictions the headliner side was a nice insight into what to expect for TOTS. That being said Saul was still one of the final players I included in this side, but does make the cut over other potential items due to the fact he has a headliner.

Lucas Perez - ST - OVR 77 After what is safe to say was a poor spell in England for Perez he decided to go back to his native country in Spain to play for Aalves. A decision which looks to have paid off for his career. The striker has gone back to his best, scoring eleven goals for Aalves who currently sit in 14th position. Had Perez not have been in that side I would expect their position to be a lot worse. A good goalscorer makes a significant difference to a side and that's what we are seeing here.


Emerson - RWB - OVR 75 With Real Betis conceding 43 goals this season it is perhaps surprising to see a defender included from that side but Emerson has been a shining light in what is an average Real Betis side in truth. The Brazilian has picked up a lot of traction with many already tipping him to be the new Brazilian RB for years to come. It's his attacking threat which truly makes him stand out and with three goals and five assists to his name thats clear to see why. EA have already given Emerson a winter upgrade and a future stars item so they know what he is capable of and a TOTS item wouldn't be unexpected here.

Martin Odegaard - CM - OVR 82 After an initial failed spell at Madrid at just 16 Odegaard looked set to be another example of what overhyping a player can do, especially when he made the move to the Eredivisie for a few seasons. The past couple of years have shown grit and determination by the young Norwegian though and he got the chance once again in Spain with Real Sociedad and hes not looked back since. Odegaard is still just 20 years old believe it or not but has been one of the breakthrough talents is Spain this season looking impressive on a regular basis. He has picked up four goals and five assists from the middle this season but you have to watch him to see just how talented he is. Will Madrid give him another chance next season?

Santi Cazorla - CM - OVR 82 No matter where Santi Cazorla is I think everyone will enjoy watching him play and for that reason he gets a good reputation and is widely liked among the community. I actually expect Cazorla to feature as either a weekly objective or an SBC but either way he should make the eventual side. Now playing his trade for Villarreal at the age of 34 Cazorla is still impressing. He has picked up eight goals and six assists from the center of the park which in just 24 matches is a strong tally to have.

Nabil Fekir - RM - OVR 84 Fekir has been one of the stand out players in La Liga during the 19/20campaign with the Frenchman scoring seven goals and providing three assists for Real Betis, of which are a mid table side making it that much more impressive. Unfortunately for FIFA terms it looks as though this item will be classed as a RM which ruins what would have been an amazing CAM but regardless of that he deserves his spot in the side.

Ezequiel Avila - ST - OVR 78 There were a few players I was able to select for this final ST position but similar to that of Reguilon with both a winter upgrade and a TOTSSF nomination already given to Avila from EA it would be a questionable move to ignore him for an alternate option and thus we have selected Avila. The Argentine has scored nine times for Osasuna this season and was linked with a big move away before unfortunately tearing his ACL.

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