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Thibaut Courtois - GK - OVR 88 We start with a keeper who wouldn't have made my actual selected side with both Sirigu and Gulacsi being the two I would have picked. Thats not always how these sides work though and with Courtois being the best FIFA keeper by a long distance on this list he is obviously going to win a fan vote and it makes sense for EA to include him. That being said you can't take much away from the Belgian who has still had an impressive season. Madrid have only conceded 19 goals this season so far and without a good keeper that simply is not possible.


Grimaldo - LB - OVR 83 Although both Clichy and Fabra have had impressive seasons for their retrospective sides, with two strong LB candidates in this side already I find it difficult for them to make a claim in the LB position, especially Fabra with not many knowing who he actually is. Grimaldo has a strong following on FIFA though with him being Spanish he becomes easy to fit into multiple sides and with an IF to his name his likely TOTS item will be among the elite LB options in this game.

Pique - CB - OVR 88 Its a tight race at the top of La Liga with Barcelona currently two points ahead of second placed Madrid. Although my prediction for that division is yet to be completed Pique is one of the first names that comes to mind with defenders. So to see him on this list is a no brainer for me, especially with him being the highest rated defender on the list too.

Diego Godin - CB - OVR 88 It feels strange with Godin anywhere else but Atletico Madrid, but after eight seasons with them I guess that was always going to be the case. With Godin only making 16 appearances, four of which were off the bench for Inter in the league this season I was surprised to see his name included. Especially considering that De Vrij has been the stand out defender for them. Hes impressed while on the pitch but I just don't feel the gametime is there. That being said he picks himself for a side like this with the reputation he has.

Kieran Trippier - RB - OVR 80 With the other four La Liga spots picking themselves it was always likely to be between the the fullbacks for the fifth spot and with Trippier being a well known player due to his time in the Premier League I believe he will get the nod over Regulion despite that probably being the wrong decision. Trippier has done well since making the switch to Spain though, fitting in at Madrid well.


Thiago - CM - OVR 87 With a change in the rules seeing players allowed one IF as a maximum for this side now, Thiago was one of the first players to come to mind when selecting this side and with him being a highly in demand player on FIFA anyway he fits both categories for making this team. Thiago already features in my Bundesliga TOTS prediction and his performances this season, specifically in the second half of the year have been simply spectacular.

Casemiro - CDM - OVR 87 Another player who gets in on the one IF rule is Casemiro. This side is built for players like this with the Brazilian doing all the "behind the scenes" work for Madrid, allowing their attacking players to do what they do best. It really is a crucial role in the side and Casemiro is one of the best out there currently. He has developed into one of Madrids regulars now, looking set to pick up a third straight TOTS item for Madrid.

Sergio Busquets - CDM - OVR 89 Of course he is here, it wouldn't be a "Most consistent" side without the man himself, Busquests, being involved. For the third consecutive year the Spaniard looks set to be involved with the community TOTS side. With the way EA have created this shortlist it seems obvious that we are going to have a middle three, at least in the starting line-up with the heavy hitters being easy selections for myself. Busquets is the not so unsung, unsung hero. The good old debate of how underrated he actually is goes on.

Julian Brandt - CAM - OVR 84 The Bundesliga is always a division which excels in these sort of voting systems, with a heavy German fan base in place. There are not many options that stand out from the division though and thus I expect to see a very usable item in Brandt. The versatile midfielder can play just about anywhere on the pitch and Dortmund have made the most of that, deploying him in numerous positions. I think the eventual TOTS item will be listed as a CAM though, with just three goals and two assists to his name statistically he has not been that impressive but he plays an important role in the Dortmund side.


Mauro Icardi - ST - OVR 85 You are always limited on selections for strikers especially as the top ones will have always picked up IF's by this stage, so seeing the likes of Icardi included is the perfect example of what this side is for. Ligue 1 was a highly competitive scene for strikers when it came to TOTS and thus Icardi narrowly missed out for me but with 12 goals this season in 20 games for PSG it's nothing to be ashamed of. The Argentine has played second string to the likes of Mbappe which is unusual for him after being the main man for several years at Inter. I wouldn't be surprised to see him move on again soon. As for this side though he is among the best options for this position and thus should easily make the cut.

Falcao - ST - OVR 83 Onto a familiar face now with Falcao, after a few successful seasons in Ligue 1 with Monaco the Colombian opted to head over to Turkey with Galatasaray. He was actually doing very well for them before picking up an injury and thus has had his gametime limited to say the least. With only 14 games under his belt, three of which were off the bench you have to question his selection in a most consistent side but that being said with nine goals in those games its still a strong tally to have, showing the impact he has on the side when available for selection.


Bernd Leno - GK - OVR 84 We all know that Arsenal fans love a good vote and Leno is inevitably going to fall in the top 23 players as a result of that. For me he shouldn't be on this list and as with my Premier League prediction I will get many arguments against it but I have several names ahead of him and thus Sirigu can feel hard done by for missing out here. There are players I disagree with much more than Leno in this prediction though.

Joe Gomez - CB - OVR 80 Joe Gomez was the only one of the Liverpool back five that failed to make my TOTS prediction for the Premier League but with his inclusion by EA to this shortlist I now fully expect a full Liverpool defence to be possible in a couple of months time. There is no questioning Gomez's talent but he was the player to get rotated and is obviously the weakest of very strong defence which is why I ignored him in the PL side. Without a current IF to his name he becomes a good shout for this side though, despite the rotational factor I already mentioned and with him being a strong FIFA card there is no doubt about his spot in this side.

Fernandinho - CB - OVR 87 It's decisions such as this one that make me question EA's decision making. Fernandinho has had a very difficult task of covering the CB position for Manchester City this season which after multiple impressive years in the middle of the park was always going to be a challenge, especially when you consider his height. The Brazilian has made several mistakes this season and has been anything but consistent and thus to see him in this selection process is baffling. That being said he stands out as a FIFA item and thus with the mentality for these sides it's practically inevitable that we will see him included.

Wilfried Zaha - LM - OVR 83 Another player who will get the nod simply due to the name is Zaha. The Ivorian has had a very mediocre campaign with just three goals and three assists to his name in 29 appearances he will know that he can have more of an impact. Obviously when it comes to FIFA there are a lot of players who would kill for a Zaha item and thus hes likely to make the side, despite not actually deserving to be there.

Rodrigo Bentancur - CM - OVR 79 Although rating wise Bentancur falls down the pecking order a little with his base item only being 79 rated but with the Uruguayan midfielder playing regularly for Juventus now the name is well known and a highly regarded one at that. Additionally there is a lack of clear cut Serie A options which means those who are fans of the division are likely to go for the likes of Bentancur. The other option was Berrardi but with him likely to pick up a league TOTS item I am sure many will opt elsewhere.

Marcus Thuram - ST - OVR 80 It was a debate of Plea against Thuram in my Bundesliga prediction and I went the route of Plea. EA have gone the other way though with a heavy hint towards Thuram. I expect the forward to make the side after an impressive season for Gladbach has seen him score six times and assist another eight. With a winter upgrade and an IF to his name this potential TOTS item looks set to be a difficult one to defend against.

Moussa Dembele - ST - OVR 80 When you look at the top leagues one of the only players that deserves to be in this side is Dembele with other options being very random. Granted the attackers get noticed more for IF's and thus are difficult to include but there has to be better options than those included. Dembele has scored an impressive 16 goals for Lyon this season and is still yet to receive an IF. Surely he makes this side.


Peter Gulacsi - GK - OVR 85 With the number of top end keepers EA have opted to include for selection I wouldn't be surprised to see three of them making the top 23, especially with the second selection being personal preference to many with no clear cut winner outside of Courtois. Gulacsi is the player who should make the cut, another who made my Bundesliga prediction. He has been one of the best keepers this season in Germany and remarkably is yet to pick up an IF. One of the most deserved players in this selection process in my eyes.

Pepe - CB - OVR 84 With a lot of the names in the defender section being largely unknown outside of their playing nation/league alongside the fact that six are required from the defenders section I believe that the well known name of Pepe stands a good chance of making the side. He sits as the third highest rated defender on the list so he will be high up and with many likely needing another defender for their submission he will be recognised and selected. Now playing his trade for Porto at 37 years of age he still puts in an impressive shift, helping them lead yet another division.

Felipe Anderson - LM - OVR 84 Its practically inevitable that we are going to see the maximum inclusion of five Premier League players in this side. This was the final decision for myself to make on that spot and although I think this selection is the biggest joke in this side I simply couldn't ignore Anderson as realistically he is going to be an amazing player on FIFA. His one goal and four assists for West Ham this season has been highly disappointing for them as the Hammers have struggled and currently face a relegation battle. He shouldn't be close to this shortlist but seeing as he is its now likely he makes the cut. Calvert Lewin, Moutinho and Chilwell all narrowly miss the cut despite all deserving it over both Anderson, Fernandinho, and Zaha.

Lucas Leiva - CM - OVR 84 Lazio are flying high in Serie A this season with a few players being up for selection in this process. Only one stands a chance in my opinion with Leiva being the one to stand out due to his game rating. The alternate hear was another Serie A player in Napoli's Milik although I feel there are far better options and more appealing ones too than the Polish forward while Leiva is a very usable option and thus I opted for the Brazilian.

Odsonne Edouard - ST - OVR 747 It's not often that lower rated players make the cut for these sides but I simply couldn't ignore Edouard. The French striker is looking likely to gain a high profile move in the summer after a highly impressive season for Celtic from which he scored 21 goals and provided 11 assists in 27 matches. He is a well known player and with statistics like that he shouldn't be ignored for this side.

As a disclaimer this is not my personal perception of what the side should be but instead what I believe the side EA release will look like.

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