FIFA 19 Team of the Week 40 Predictions

Last week's score: 13/18
Formation: 4-4-2
Squad Link:


Hakon Opdal - GK - OVR 67 With just two saves to his name in a 1-1 draw, Opdal appears on paper to be a strange choice. But after he was awarded the official MOTM, he does stand out for options in a position which was difficult to fill.


Tore Reginiussen - CB - OVR 73 The defensive side of this squad was nigh on impossible to predict with the limited divisions and lack of goalscoring defenders available for selection. As a result, I have had a few punts. Reginiussen provided nothing on the offensive front but was a rock at the back for Rosenborg in their 3-0 win, being the main reason their clean sheet was still intact.

Kang Min Soo - CB - OVR 67 We do have a defender over in the K-League which scored the only goal in the match however with Kang Min-Soo scoring Ulsan's goal in their 1-0 home win over Pohang. I don't have match ratings for this division but with the lack of options, I would be surprised to see him miss out.

Osmar - CB - OVR 71 If it wasn't for the K-League I have no idea how I would have played this defence. Osmar looks like one of the more obvious candidates after the Spaniard scored twice from the back in a 4-2 Seoul win.

Kim Min Woo - LB - OVR 65 This one's a strange one in the fact that so many sources are giving different positions but going from the official line-up posted by Sangju it looks as though Kim Min-Woo played an LB role and if that is the case he should be locked into this side with both a goal and assist in their 4-2 home win.


Alex Teixeira - LM - OVR 79 Although Teixeira is a second choice option from his side alone, I can see a couple of double inclusions happening, especially with this one involving gold items. Teixeira provided assists on two Jiangsu goals in their 4-1 win and although the formation was an interesting one I can see it going down as LM.

Paulinho - CM - OVR 85 We do have one player to look forward to in terms of TOTW with Paulinho after the Brazilian scored both Guangzhou goals in their 2-0 away win over Shanghai. Paulinho has been snubbed a few times this year but there is no chance of that happening again come Wednesday.

Iniesta - CM - OVR 87 Although this ones more of a punt than Paulinho, it's still one I expect to happen with EA given the chance to at least include a couple of big names to then promote this side. Iniesta scored the solitary goal in Vissel Kobe's 1-0 win over Toyko.

Leonardo Suarez - RM - OVR 72 With two La Liga 1|2|3 playoff fixtures I can see both ties featuring an IF from the progressing side. Mallorca's is the more difficult selection from the two with them losing the second leg 1-0 and winning the first 2-0. Suarez is the player I am going to punt though after he scored the opening goal in the first leg.


Eder - ST - OVR 79 Eder could have easily picked up several IFs by now which would have made this specific IF an interesting option but as it stands this would instead be his first IF and while it still looks decent enough it's not going to make you go out of your way. Either way, after the Italain scored twice we should be seeing him in the upcoming side.

Carlos Fernandez - ST - OVR 69 Malaga v Deportivo is a crazy fixture for the Segunda Division playoffs, with both team having had success in the Spanish divisions in recent times. But it's safe to say that both sides are now in a different stage. It was Deportivo who came out on top, in both legs, winning the first 4-2 and the second 1-0. It was from the first of those games which I have selected Fernandez from after the Spaniard scored two of their four goals.


Lee Bum Soo - GK - OVR 61 Had Lee Bum Soo not have conceded via a penalty in the 95th minute he would have been nailed on for this side, with the clean sheet being what he deserved. In total the Korean made nine saves but seeing as the match went on to end 1-1 it does harm his chances. That being said I still feel as though there's a strong chance on Soo making the cut for EA.

Tomoya Ugajin - LWB - OVR 67 There were a lot of low scoring matches in Japan this week, making it difficult to include options from the division. There will inevitably be a few included though and thus I am opting for Ugajin who playing in an "LWB" role, scoring the first of Urawa's two goals in their 2-1 win.

Juan Ezequiel Cuevas - CM - OVR 72 It was always going to be a weak side this week with the leagues in action but Cuevas actually looks like a decent discard IF with the positional switch. He is likely to get the IF after scoring both of Everton's goals as they went on to beat Cobresal 2-1.

Magnus Wolff Eikrem - CAM - OVR 70 It was always going to be likely that a few punts were going to have to be included with just four divisions having full sets of fixtures. With Molde being one of the main sides in Norway I have opted to include the MOTM from their 2-0 home win which in this case was Eikrem, who scored the first of those two goals.

Piao Cheng - CM - OVR 66 Augusto's solitary goal was enough to see him awarded the official MOTM from this match but with a recent IF to his name that then ruled him out. Teammate, Cheng did grab both a goal and an assist in the same match though and thus could easily go in place of Augusto.

Aleksandar Pesic - ST - OVR 70 Two players from Seoul could be pushing it here but with not many players to choose from I found it difficult to then ignore an option with two goals. In the previous years during these weeks it's not been unusual to see double IFs but EA have often avoided it this year so only time will tell on this one.

Jorgen Strand Larsen - ST - OVR 52 It's not been long since we saw the first bronze IF of FIFA 19 enter the game, and now we look set for another. Stand Larsen, who is currently 52 rated, scored a brace for Sarpsborg in their 2-0 home win over ODD.

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