OTW Weekend - Week 28

Welcome to my weekly Ones to Watch update and analysis! I’ve combed through the schedules of all the players with OTW items and organized their game times and likelihood of starting into a handy spreadsheet.

OTW Weekend is brought to you by @GummiFifa!

It is fair to say that Ones to Watch items have been a major hit in FIFA 17. In particular, the trading and investing community has taken to these cards because of the relative ease at which you can earn coins by trading with them. We have seen many investors earn millions off of well-timed OTW trades!

I’ve prepared OTW list for the weekend of 1-3th April and all the midweek games to help you trade this and next week. Keep in mind, although some players are likely to start, I can obviously not guarantee that they will start. Predictions are taken from Whoscored.com

How to Trade with OTW Players

So, now that I’ve peaked your curiosity, I’m sure you are wondering how exactly to trade with OTW cards. There are two main methods that have proven to work every single week.

This first method is to take advantage of bad performances. When a player performs badly (a main indicator is the team losing or the player earning a poor whoscored match rating) his price tends to drop after the game, presumably because many investors and casual players panic sell the card. This provides an opportune window to pick the card up for cheap. Then, throughout the week, his price will slowly rise until game day. While it may be tempting to hold the player until he earns an inform, remembering the pattern from last week, we will want to sell the player on before the next game actually starts (a good time to sell is usually when he is announced in the starting lineup). The reason why we do that is because if he doesn’t perform well in the first 30-45 minutes his price will start to drop as it did the week prior. This is called selling in the hype.

The second method is more profitable but requires more attention. What you have to do is either watch the game that the OTW is playing or you have notifications turned on, on your phone or computer, that notify you straight away when there is a goal. If a OTW player scores in the game his price will skyrocket. However, picking up the player is not easy and you have to be quick. The time frame to pick up a player when he scores is constantly becoming smaller. At this stage in the game, you have around 20 seconds to pick up the player before your room for profit is gone. After these 20 seconds, his price will have already inflated and he won’t be worth picking up.

Trading with OTW players has never been as popular as it is now. This is not only going to make you profit, but it is also entertaining! The key is selling into the hype and not getting caught holding a card too long because of greed. Slow, steady profits will win the race in the long run.

Best of luck, GummiFIFA

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