FIFA 19 Wish List: Futhead community

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It’s officially the end of January 2018 and by now your “New Year, new me”-styled resolutions have most likely been compromised by beer and the monotony of real life. But, these are both good things (honestly) because that means it’s time for us all to refocus and look forward to FIFA 19. Yes, FIFA 19!

As some of you know, we love a good “wish list” here on Futhead and over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking to collate your suggestions for all the major modes and features we expect to see in FIFA 19. We’ll start the discussion ourselves, but after that we’ll be looking to you for the highest rated comments to put in to one big Futhead Community wish list.

You could suggest:

  • Changes to an existing mode

  • Completely new features or ideas

  • Ways to balance features

  • Additions to an existing mode

Our program of Wish Lists kicks off this week with Career Mode, so get your thinking caps on. Early feedback is imperative for EA and even with FIFA 19 some eight months out, the time is now to start the conversation.

Futhead News Wish List Schedule

Career Mode – Tuesday 30 January

Gameplay – Tuesday 6 February

Pro Clubs – Tuesday 13 February

Ultimate Team – Tuesday 20 February

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