Podcast: A New Tactical Era & Breaking Down TOTS Defences #W37

On this FUT Weekly Podcast episode, XL Tom — the 'most expensive' FIFA Pro — jumps on this week's gameplay episode. He's joined by streamer MattFUTTrading, FUT legend AirJapes and your host Ben to discuss:
  • TOTS midfielder reviews
  • Bellingham
  • Modric
  • Verratti
  • Acuna
  • Objective Dante reviewed
  • Tom's Current Tactics
  • Why being a tactical mastermind is key
  • Is a more tactical esports scene good?
  • Facing the best defenders
  • How to break down TOTS level defences
  • Loads more!
Shawrey's 4321 Tactic video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F2WE3oprIk 

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