Podcast: What EA Ending "FIFA" Means & TOTS Gameplay Tips #W35

On this FUT Weekly Podcast episode insider insight on EA ending "FIFA", plus the usual gameplay tips! You'll hear from YouTube legends AirJapes and ZwebackHD, eWorld Cup commentator Richard Buckley, Top NA player H00bear, game industry expert Brammers and your host Ben as they discuss:
  • TOTS player reviews
  • Champs Finals with Saudi TOTS
  • TOTS Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • TOTS Neuer 
  • Are goalkeepers bad now?
  • GK speed and reactions
  • Ben uses a funky new system
  • Turning and getting space in the box
  • Explainer on EA not renewing FIFA contract (24mins)
  • Why they didn't renew the contract
  • Who loses out?
  • What does it mean for EA Sports FC 24
  • Loads more!
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