Podcast: Record-breaking FIFA Pro on Learning FIFA22, His Tactics & Avoiding the 'Meta' #W6

On this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast, transfer-recording-breaking FIFA Pro Tom Leese and Gameplay Guru NealGuides join FUT legend and regular AirJapes and your host Ben to discuss:

  • Safely using fullbacks in attack
  • Non-CBs and CBs — is it a bad move?
  • NealGuides Tactical Approach
  • Tom's Gameplans: 442 and 4231
  • How to best counter the 4231
  • Japes funky 451 tactics
  • Should you focus on the meta/overpowered techniques?
  • Things Tom needed to learn for FIFA22
  • Tom's most effective skills
  • More shooting pointers
  • Thoughts on Gameplay and GKs
  • Much more! 

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  • Pound For Pound Powerhouse suggestions
  • The Midfield Messi Reviewed
  • IF Bellingham & RTTK Tapsoba review
  • The cheapest TOTW ever?
  • Our RTTK Team 2 highlights
  • Market at the moment
  • Concerns around player pricing
  • Is there a lack of things to do 
  • Loads more!

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