Podcast: How To Start FUT22 - Web App & Early Access Tips!

On this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast we’ve got a 'How to Start FUT22' Special, your host Ben is joined by FUT legend and regular AirJapes, coach and trader MattFUTTrading, streamer and YouTuber Chuffsters as well as the pod community's own DJFIFAPlayer.

They discuss:

  • Is the struggle of a no FIFA Point Road To Glory worth it?
  • New Rivals and WL Rewards impact
  • 20 hours rather than 10 hours of Early Access if you have Ultimate Edition! 
  • How to use early access?
  • Advice for those considering spending FIFA Points
  • Big brain Quick Sell Recovery tip
  • How to make the most of the Web App
  • Web App trading pointers
  • EA Play: Early Access hours
  • Preview Pack tips
  • Player Prices at launch
  • Loads more!

Supporters of the pod keep it going, get double the pod content (for just £3 a month) via Patreon over at bit.ly/pod2years. This includes a 2nd weekly podcast this week, covering:

  • Is it worth going straight into Online Draft?
  • Should you join a trading Patreon?
  • Team/players to start to aim for?
  • Is saving packs worth doing?
  • Preview Pack Market Impact
  • How to best use your FIFA Points
  • Extinct player trading
  • Chem styles importance
  • Key players to buy early on
  • OTW
  • Much more!

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