Podcast: FUT22 Producer Q&A, Big FUT Rivals Changes & Thoughts!

On this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast, streamer and ex-EA Community manager ChuBoi, YouTube legend AirJapes and Esports Commentator Richard Buckley join your host Ben to breakdown and give their thoughts on the new Rivals and Champs structure, and what the FUT Producers revealed on stream:

  • New Rivals and FUT Champions Explanations!
  • Key takeaways from the FUT Producer Q&A
  • Why is Rivals in FUT22 so complicated? Or is it?
  • Rivals Rewards format rework: explanation & thoughts
  • The end of self relegation?
  • What we know about the Elite Division
  • The big differences between FUT21 and FUT22
  • How FUT Champions rewards will work
  • Is the new Playoffs system a positive?
  • How will Champs qualification work?
  • Can you enter every weekend?
  • Loads more!

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