Pitch Notes AudioBook: FIFA22 Gameplay Deep Dive!

On this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast, your host Ben reads through the whole FIFA22 Gameplay Deep Dive Pitch Note, that was recently released by the EA Sports FIFA team, so you don't have to!

This includes details on the following features:

  • HyperMotion Gameplay Technology ᴺᴳ
  • Advanced 11v11 Match Capture ᴺᴳ
  • Machine Learning ᴺᴳ 
  • ML-Flow ᴺᴳ 
  • New on FIFA 22
  • Full Team Authentic Motion ᴺᴳ  / Animation Refresh 
  • Tactical A.I. ᴺᴳ 
  • Competitive Settings
  • Deeper Match Analysis
  • Kinetic Air Battles ᴺᴳ
  • Explosive Sprint
  • Player Humanization ᴺᴳ
  • True Ball Physics
  • Attacking
  • New Attacking Tactics
  • Composed Ball Control ᴺᴳ
  • Controlling the Ball
  • Passing
  • Additional Passing Improvements
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Skill Moves
  • Skill Moves Balancing
  • First-Time Skill Moves
  • New Skill Moves
  • Defending
  • Goalkeeper Rewrite
  • Defensive Behaviour
  • Fair and Predictable Outcomes
  • Controls and Personality
  • Interceptions and Disrupt Interceptions
  • Teammate Contain
  • Player Switching
  • Icon Switching
  • More Switching Options
  • Directional Clearances and Technical Clearances
  • More Tactics and Instruction Customisation 
  • Across the Pitch
  • Bigger Goal Moments ᴺᴳ
  • Player Movement
  • Set Pieces
  • CPU A.I. 
  • Competitor Mode Tweaks
  • Player Based Difficulty
  • Physical Play
  • FIFA Attributes
  • Additional Changes
  • Community, Title Updates and Live Tuning Tool

ᴺᴳ = Next Generation Console and Stadia Exclusive 

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