Hands-On with FIFA22 Gameplay: Thoughts on New Tactics, Mechanics & More!

Insight from AirJapes and your host Ben after they had the opportunity to play an early FIFA22 build, thanks to the EA GameChanger Network. On this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast they are joined by eWorld Cup Final commentator Richard Buckley and Top 100(ish) player H00bear to cover:

  • Some key things to note before
  • Thoughts on player movement and dribbling
  • Significant visual changes
  • New instructions and tactics
  • Chance Creation and Build Up play
  • Lots of new post-game data
  • New more manual "Competitive Controls"
  • The Sprint Boost
  • New Skill Moves and their controls
  • 2nd man press changes
  • Goalkeeper rewrite thoughts
  • Crossing first impressions
  • Is 'ghost tackling' an issue?
  • Impact of eFootball on FIFA
  • Loads more!

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