Loot Box Special: Are Preview Packs still loot boxes? With Dr. David Zendle

On this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast University of York Lecturer, Dr. David Zendle joins your host Ben to discuss developments, concerns and the future of Loot Boxes and Ultimate Team packs:

  • What is Problem Gambling?
  • Are FUT packs Loot Boxes?
  • What has Zendle's research found?
  • What is the link between Loot Boxes and Problem Gambling?
  • Why is this link concerning?
  • Are governments attempting to regulate or ban loot boxes?
  • Would 'self-earned' packs be different to purchased?
  • Will Preview Packs prevent the problematic behaviour and gambling link?
  • If there was Loot Box regulation — would Preview Packs fall outside that?
  • What impact do Loot Box Opening videos have?
  • How you can help or get involved
  • Much more!

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