Podcast: TOTS Serie A, Big Fellaini and CF at RB #W34

On this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast eWorld Cup Commentator Richard Buckley, FUT tutorial/gameplay expert NealGuides and content connoisseur DJFIFAPlayer join your host Ben.

  • Is the balance between TOTS and Icons right?
  • What happened to Premier League content?
  • Serie A TOTS breakdown
  • Eredevisie & CSL thoughts
  • Big TOTS Fellaini
  • Market projections
  • Passively pick up some 90+ fodder
  • Our Pound For Pound Powerhouses this week
  • A CF at RB
  • TOTS Barella & Cuadrado
  • TOTS Romero Review — top tier CB?
  • Loads more!

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  • How to get an advantage from kick-off
  • Has the 'kick-off' glitch been fixed?
  • How to approach counters
  • How to avoid being chased down
  • Is the Balanced tactic dead? Long live Long Ball?
  • Our approaches to penalties
  • Does running an RTG mean less gameplay enjoyment
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