Podcast: GK 1-on-1s, Defending & Changing Tactics #W12

On this FUT Weekly Podcast, a gameplay edition, your host Ben is joined by Steve (TheFUTCoach), esports commentator Richard Buckley and 28-2 Weekend League player H00bear. Your panel this week discuss:

  • Goalkeeper movement
  • Bringing the keeper out
  • Beating the keeper
  • Stepovers OP
  • Defensive tactics and techniques
  • H00bear's 'verified' gameplans
  • When to switch up your tactics
  • Loads more!

Supporters of the pod keep it going, get double the pod content (for just £3 a month), giveaways via Patreon over at bit.ly/morepod! This includes a 2nd weekly podcast, this week focusing on the latest content:

  • Crafting Icons and SBCs
  • Method and most efficient approach
  • LB FUT Freeze Adama thoughts
  • Steve’s 6 hour objective Volland grind
  • FUT Freeze Volland worth it?
  • Objective tips
  • Road to the Final 3 Thoughts

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