Podcast: FUT Freeze & Icon Swaps Choices #W11

In this FUT Weekly Podcast episode your host Ben is joined by regulars, YouTube Legend AirJapes, Steve TheFUTCoach and special guest Melbourne City Pro Player Marcus Gomes. They dig into the latest FUT21 content:

  • FUT Freeze player thoughts
  • Are there any iced gems?
  • Icon Swaps selection approaches
  • Is there a Swaps choice 'meta' developing
  • Icon Swaps objective format thoughts
  • Community debate around 'golden goal'

Supporters of the pod keep it going, get double the pod content (for just £3 a month), giveaways via Patreon over at bit.ly/morepod! This includes a 2nd weekly podcast, this week focusing on gameplay tips:

  • How to stop repeated keepy uppies and rainbow flicks
  • Tips for aggressive defending
  • Japes' aggressive objective tactics
  • Marcus's aggressive getting-back-in-the game tactics
  • Inverting your fullbacks
  • Should you play a right footer on the right side in FIFA21?

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