Crazy FUT Market and Early Game Tips! #W1

FIFA21 is here! With the latest iteration of FUT comes a ton of players, new features and crazy market movements!

Ben is joined by AirJapes, Steve (TheFUTCoach) and MattFUTTrading to deliver analysis and insights into the players and market at this early stage of FIFA21! They get into:

  • The huge impact of Rivals placement match coins!
  • Where does this high market go from here?
  • The mass meta player extinction
  • OTW and Weekend League incoming!
  • Haaland & Lewandowski reviews
  • Sabitzer's Howitzers
  • Zakaria vs Kimmich
  • Sule vs Inform Upamecano**
  • Hazard Review
  • Did Ibrahimovic live up to Ben's expectations?
  • OTW Tonali SBC thoughts
  • The best, and quickest, CB for 800 coins!

Supporters of the pod keep it going, get double the pod content (for just £3 a month) via Patreon over at Including a 2nd podcast each week, this week focusing on Gameplay tips:

  • Key controller settings to get right!
  • Auto-switching: receiver Lock debates!
  • Contextual Agile Dribbling effectiveness
  • Good skill moves to try early on
  • Early 'META' formations
  • Much more!

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